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Most of us have a pretty good command over our driving, but the truth is that we all make mistakes. It doesn’t matter whether these mistakes are small or big as even the slightest wrong turn can lead to big accidents, and obviously, no one wants that.

Even though technology has improved a lot in the past few years, but still due to reckless mistakes and bad driving habits, accidents keep happening.

Whether it’s driving with one hand on the wheel, talking on the phone while driving, or any other bad driving habits, these mistakes can cost lives.

Research says that every year, 1.3 million people die from car related accidents. Simple bad driving habits can cost the life of the driver and the people around you.

In order to protect ourselves and prevent these accidents from happening, we must stop and overcome these bad driving habits as soon as possible. Here we have compiled a list of some common bad driving habits and the ways to overcome them.

1. Stop using a mobile phone while driving

Using a mobile phone while driving is one of the most common mistakes we make every day in our lives. And surprisingly, most people don’t even consider it slightly wrong. However, this mistake has cost thousands of people their lives.

And as technology is evolving day by day, it’s becoming difficult to leave these gadgets and escape the digital world. But no matter what, leaving this habit is a must.

If you are on a long journey, then try to keep your phone on silent mode. This way, you won’t be disturbed by the incoming messages and calls during your journey. Nowadays, AirPods are very common.

If the call is very urgent, then use the headphones or any Bluetooth device to talk instead of holding your mobile phone. But it’s best to wait for a while till you complete your journey if the call isn’t super important.

2. Always give the proper indication

It’s common sense that you know which way to go, but does the other person know this? Obviously not. For this reason, the indicators were designed so that you can tell other users that which direction you are going to turn so that they will slow down and prevent any accidents.

However, not using indicators can cause serious accidents as the other person doesn’t know about your route and might turn in the same direction, and then you know what happens next!

In fact, not using indicators is counted as one of the worst driving habits. So always use indicators whenever turning in a new direction.

3. Avoid sudden breaks

Sudden breaks are necessary sometimes, but they are extremely dangerous for your car and breaks. They result in premature wear and cost a lot of money for repairs.

And it is a bad driving habit so you should overcome it quickly. If you look a bit ahead while driving and avoid driving fast, then there won’t be any need for sudden breaks except in a few cases. So with a bit of careful driving, you can easily overcome the habit of sudden breaks.

4. Avoid lane jumping

Lane jumping is another common bad driving habit which most people usually do. If you also do this, then you should try to give it up right away.

As we mentioned before, just because you know which path you are going to take, doesn’t mean the guy behind you know this too.

Jumping from one lane to another puts you and other people in danger. To avoid this, you may plan your journey before you leave. In case you are traveling in an unfamiliar area, then read the road signs, and you may find a place to stop for a while.

Once you understand the area, then start again and try to avoid lane jumping and protect yourself and other people around you.

5. Avoid tailgating at all cost

Tailgating means driving behind a vehicle so close that there is not sufficient space left to stop without avoiding collision if the front car stops suddenly.

And the safe distance between the two vehicles depends on a lot of factors like speed, road conditions, visibility, etc. Tailgating is super dangerous, and one in every eight drivers suffers from an accident due to tailgating.

Tailgating is something every driver has experienced and done themself too. Now there are two conditions here. If you think that the front driver is responsible for tailgating, then try to back yourself from the front vehicle.

And if you think you are responsible, then check your distance and speed and try to manage your distance from the other vehicle.


There are many bad driving habits which can result in serious accidents. These habits must be avoided and overcome at all costs. Although these habits are common and not easy to leave, but with consistency and little work, you can easily overcome these mistakes and drive safely and properly.

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