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Many people do not insure their cars because they cannot find cheap car insurance. However, they ignore the fact that by not insuring their vehicle, they can incur much greater expenses in the event of an accident.

Also, according to the laws in the United Kingdom, auto insurance is already mandatory to drive on UK roads. That is why we want to give you awesome tricks to find cheap car insurance in the UK.

The basics of auto insurance

Auto insurance is a commitment between you and an insurance company, which serves to protect one against monetary loss in the case of theft or accident. In turn, the insurance company agrees to pay your damages as indicated in your policy in exchange for a premium payment.

Many countries, not only the UK, authorize basic personal auto insurance and in case of an accident, provide you with financial protection. At some point, you might ask yourself what the options are and if they are enough? Below, we will give detailed tips of the best ways to get cheap car insurance.

What elements can be compared in car insurance?

Although there is diversity in plans and types of protection in the auto insurance market, there are three basic ones. There is civil, limited and broad ciability coverage.

To make an effective comparison, it is essential that you consider what level of protection you need and how much can you pay. Once you are clear on this, you can establish the points that you are interested in comparing.

Broad coverage

If you decided on broad coverage, here are some core points that can help you:

Civil Liability

This is the maximum amount that the insurer is willing to pay for the damages and injuries caused by your vehicle if there is an accident.

Roadside Assistance and Travel

Although this is an element present in all wide coverage plans, there are essential details—for example, the service usage limit or distance conditions that you need to be aware of before entering into a contract.

Legal Defence

This is the help that the insurer offers you in the event of a claim. Make sure that the description of the services is clear and encompasses what you need to face a legal mishap.

Occupant Medical Expenses

This is the amount available for expenses in case you or your passenger in the vehicle require medical help as a result of an accident.

Total Theft

This is the amount of the deductible that has to be covered by you before aid from the insurance company kicks in.

Material Damages

This is an amount provided by the insurance company for damages to your vehicle. This can also include a replacement vehicle while your own is getting repaired.

How to get cheap car insurance

Finding cheap car insurance is not that simple, but if you know these tips it is not complicated. You just have to follow a series of tips and advice, and above all, be very disciplined.

In this way, you can find cheap auto insurance with high quality and service standards.

1. Pay attention to the policy expiry date

One of the first things is to check when your current policy expires (if you already have one). This is important because keeping it in mind will give you a certain advantage in negotiating with your current insurer.

For example, if you had an automatic renewal agreement and the policy has passed, the best thing would be to wait another year and avoid penalties.

However, if you don’t have any insurance and this is your first time, you don’t need to check the calendar for the policy expiry date.

2. Try cancelling insurance

Even if you don’t want to change your insurer, you could still try to cancel the insurance. Usually, insurers dos not want to see you go and may offer you different benefits.

One of them is often to lower the cost of the policy or provide better coverage at a lower price—an interesting way to get cheap car insurance.

Although it is essential to consider that this is also risky. If you have many years with your insurer, you could lose benefits, especially if they are benefits that would be very complicated or time-consuming to get them again with another insurer.

However, as we mentioned before, you should consider the calendar to make this attempt in advance, before renewal. You must know how far in advance you need to give notice that you do not want the renewal.

3. Renew the policy

Another option to get cheap car insurance is to try to renew the policy but do it in advance. Once again, you must pay attention to the calendar and start the negotiation process in advance.

You could see if your insurer offers you a good deal, and if not, you will have time to negotiate with another.

To obtain a good discount on the renewal of the policy, several aspects must be taken, such as:

  • Car accident rate
  • Registered address
  • Claims during the previous policy

4. Choose the best car insurance coverage for your needs

To find the best price on your auto insurance, the first thing to do is think calmly about what coverage you need the most.

In addition to coverage, selecting the payment methods that suit you best and evaluating a level of service that meets your expectations are essential.

This will help you not only determine the price of auto insurance but the value it can give you.

5. Know what you are looking for

Once you have well evaluated the needs of your car, you will know what you are looking for. And knowing what you are looking for, you will know what insurance features are necessary to look for in cheap car insurance.

In the same way, you will identify the characteristics that are only fluff and will not bring any benefit to you during the process of getting cheap car insurance.

6. Compare insurers

This is one of the fundamental principles when looking for cheap car insurance, or anything cheap. Comparing prices is the basis of the freedom of users to find the best rate of any product.

Comparing the package pricing of various insuring companies will help you make an informed decision. There are many platforms based in the UK that you can use to find what you needed.

We reiterate, one of the most important things for finding a reasonable price is to compare.

7. Know what insurers offer

Once you have done the task of knowing your needs and comparing the prices of the insurers, you can also get to know their offers in-depth and choose the one that best suits you and suits your pocket.

Cheap car insurance is not the least expensive, but the one that offers the best value for your money. To determine that, you need to know what is included in the insurance or product that you want to buy.

8. Try a high deductible, equal to cheap auto insurance

This method of getting cheap car insurance isn’t for everybody. Although acquiring a high deductible can indeed reduce the cost of the policy, in case of suffering an accident, you will have to pay a higher amount.

Therefore, you should think carefully before deciding if this is the right option for you. If you feel safe, have never had an accident, and have extensive driving experience, it might be a good idea.

It would also be useful if you investigated the incidence of accidents in your area and take it into account when making this decision. Although it is true that you will still have protection for your car, you will probably drive with a little more pressure.

9. Divide into instalments

Finally, another tip that might seem very obvious, but you shouldn’t overlook it. Check what the forms of payment of the insurer are. They are usually annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly.

If you make the annual payment, you will find the lowest price, and depending on how many instalments you choose, the total cost of your auto insurance policy will go up a little.

Usually, the increase will not be as high, and it will be easier for you to cover the insurance fees. There are even insurers that offer to divide the cost of the policy to monthly without interest.

In those cases, is when you find the best value for your insurance, by covering the cost of an annuity for months.

10. Always drive defensively

Lastly, the best advice we can give you is always to be defensive while driving. The fewer claims a car has, the fewer insurers will be tempted to increase the cost of the policy.

It is very important then, to always follow the traffic regulations and drive defensively. By minimizing the number of accidents you are involved in, the higher your chances are of getting cheap auto insurance.

These are the essential tips to get cheap car insurance, which of the above did you find interesting for you?

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