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With world affairs more and more in chaos each day it is hard to stay ahead of things financially. This is one of our most important tasks as we always need to have our finances in order so that we have that level of security.

One of the best ways that we can keep our finances healthy is by cutting our spending, and one of the best areas where we can cut our spending is on petrol. This article will take a look at the best ways how to save money on petrol.

The following are some areas that will make a big difference as we save money on petrol.

1. Get as aerodynamic as possible

This can be one of the simplest ways to save money on petrol. If your car has more resistance it naturally has to use more power and thus more petrol to drive. Limiting this resistance by making your car as aerodynamic as possible can yield great results.

This can be done through a couple of ways, one of them being closing your windows. Driving with open windows has become a habit in many ways and we would be surprised how quick we are to crack a window when it is not truly necessary.

Another good way is to limit cargo on the roof, try packing the boot a bit better and the petrol budget might look a bit better.

2. Drive slower

Probably the number one way to get your petrol budget down and really save money on petrol is by simply driving slower.

There is no reason for us being in such a big rush all the time. Or sometimes we just enjoy the feeling of driving fast. But, if saving money on petrol is our real goal, then we need to slow down.

Try planning your day a bit better, or anticipate the traffic, or get up earlier in the morning and there would be no reason for you to drive as fast.

It is much more relaxing to cruise calmly to our destination on top of the money saved, and that’s not even talking about the safety that comes with slower speeds.

A good habit to learn for sure!

3. Drive with anticipation and flow

The way we drive our cars makes a huge difference in petrol usage. When we constantly speed up and brake, we keep losing our momentum, on top of that it also makes for a very unpleasurable ride.

If we want to save money on petrol, we need to anticipate what is happening on the road and then we need to flow with that.

Just think of all the petrol used to accelerate and then right after we hit the brakes and lose all that energy. So, by looking at how the traffic will flow we can optimize our use of both the accelerator and the brakes.

4. Drive in lower revs

Another way we can lower our budget is by keeping a close eye on the rev gauge. The higher the revs the higher the petrol use.

Understandably, we sometimes need the extra torque to merge into traffic or some similar circumstance, but in general, we do not need to be in high revs.

Shifting to the next gear before the revs get too high will make a huge difference to petrol usage, and on top of that, it will also add to a smoother ride.

5. Reduce your car weight

Easier said than done, but reducing your weight is a great way to save money on petrol.

Many times, there are unnecessary things we keep in the boot that we can rather remove. Even consider to not drive around unnecessary passengers.

A good weight loss tactic is also to keep your petrol tank at half full instead of full.

6. Care for your tyres

Keeping your tyres in perfect condition helps save money on petrol. If your tyres are flatter than they should be then it creates unnecessary drag, meaning more power needed.

Also, when tyres get old, they get run down and create more drag. So, keep them new and hard.

7. Don’t use your car

Perhaps an obvious tip, but the best way to use less petrol is to use your car less.

Most people have some resistance to this, but it is only a matter of building a new habit. Instead of jumping in the car, consider taking a walk or even taking public transport for shorter journeys.

Hopefully, these tips will bring your great success in your attempts to cut your petrol spending.

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What is a good way to save petrol?

Reduce your speed. Your fuel consumption could go down by as much as 25% if you slow down 20 km/h. Maintaining a constant speed helps too to prevent unneded speeding up and brakeing.

Can you save petrol by driving in a high gear?

Driving in lower gears too much could raise your fuel consumption. Driving in hither gears when driving slow will also increase fuel consumption.

What you should do is take the highest possible gear when it’s safe to do so, and don’t stay in lower gears for long.

What increases fuel consumption?

Driving habits that increase your fuel consumption are driving too fast, accelerating too quickly, and stopping too suddenly.

All three of these things can lead to high fuel consumption. Try to accelerate slowly and drive with the flow of traffic.

Why should we save petrol?

Saving fuel can help you save money in the short and long term. But it is not only beneficial for your wallet, it also to the next generation.

Saving fuel reduces the amount of exhaust going into the air to help the environment and air quality for everyone.

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