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If you are expecting a guide where we list some of the best sound systems or other accessories which would help you pimp your ride, this is not it, but instead what this article is really about is car gear and accessories, things that you really need.

They are not essential but will make your life much easier if you had them. We are going to discuss some of the best car gear and accessories which is going to help make your driving experience better.

1. LANMODO Car night vision

LANMODO Car night vision - ratewise

Lanmodo car night vision camera is equipped with an 8.2-inch IPS screen which presents high definition full-colour image at night without even taking account of how much light is available. So, even in low light, you will get a great quality image on the screen of the Lanmodo monitor.

This monitor has 36-degree wide-angle vision which presents a greater view of the road. The night vision extends up to 300m which is ideal for you to avoid any sort of obstacles in that range.

During different weather conditions, the chances of vehicle accidents are much higher. For example, if it is foggy outside and you are driving you may only be able to see two meters ahead of you.

In these sorts of conditions driving is very hard and for that, you can use the LANMODO car night vision camera for better sight.

Product Features

  • Technical features: Chip Original SONY MCCD photosensitive chip Night vision lens 28MM, 7 layer glass lens Processing Full-color HWDR processing technology Imaging principle Active infrared night vision Output signal LVDS digital HD decoding Display screen IPS 8.2 inch Resolution 1920*1080P Working voltage DC6V~24V Working current 600mA~2000mA Power rating 6W Minimum illumination 0.0001 Lux Frame rate 30 FPS Working temperature -20°C ~ 80°C

2. Griffin Powerjolt Car Charger

Griffin Powerjolt Car Charger - ratewise

If you are looking to get car gear for charging then this is one of the best options for car charging. If you want to be up to date with 21st-century technology then you need this car charger.

It is one of the best car gear for keeping your phone fully charged. It supports 18W fast charging along with the option for you to charge your iPhones with the type c to the lightning converter.

Product Features

  • This car charger plugs to your car’s 12 volt outlet and provides you with two powerful 5 watt charging circuits or 1 AMP per USB slot.
  • This charger includes a dock cable for the iPhone or iPod that you can use separately to connect your mac or pc.
  • You can also use another USB cable to charge a second device so you can charge two devices at the same time.
  • Cable Length: 3.5 ft.

3. FOBO Tire Plus

FOBO Tire Plus - ratewise

Unless you are inflating your tires by going to see a professional you will not understand if your tires are properly inflated or not. One of the reasons you want your tires to be properly inflated is because properly inflated tires wear more slowly compared to tires that do not have equal tire pressure.

The fobo tire plus car gear will monitor your car’s tire pressure in real-time and will give you regular updates. It even comes with 3-level alerts. It is very easy to install without the need for a professional.

Product Features

  • 24 / 7 monitoring of your bike tires
  • Do-It-Yourself, easy in 5 minutes)
  • Monitor up to 19 wheels
  • Also for 3 and 4 wheel bikes and trikes, quads
  • Theft deterrent
  • 24×7 monitoring of your bike tires
  • Monitor up to 19 wheels
  • Do-It-Yourself (easy, in 5min)
  • Theft-deterrent
  • Also for 3 and 4 wheel bikes, trikes, quads

4. Tile RT-13001 Mate

Tile RT-130011 Mate - ratewise

If you want to track your keys, mobile phones and other precious items while in your car, then this is a great item. It is meant for all-purpose usage and it is sure to be one of your favourite car accessories.

With the assistance of tile mate, you will not have to look for your keys, wallet or your mobile phone because it will track them for you. 

Product Features

  • Made of premium soft silicone material, it is scratch-resistant, washable, and flexible
  • Precise speaker cutout keeps the volume as dear as usual, easy to locate button position and allows for an effortless button press
  • Easy to install/remove and tightly envelopes your Tile Mate so it will not fall off

5. AA Car Essentials Winter Kit

AA Car Essentials Winter Kit - ratewise

If you want to get your car perfectly out of the driveway during winter then this product is for you. The kit contains a folding snow shovel, 9 led torch, foil blanket, high visibility vest, grips for both snow and ice, a poncho to protect you from the rain and a set of booster cables for you to jump-start your battery.

Product Features

  • Emergency Winter Kit ideal for any car boot
  • Emergency Foldable Snow Shovel
  • Adults High Visibility Vest
  • Emergency Foil Blanket
  • Emergency Dynamo Torch

6. Nextbase rear window camera

Nextbase rear window camera - ratewise

If you want to be prepared for every scenario whether good or bad, then this camera can come in very handy. It will record every detail of your driving experience from the rear window.

Product Features

  • Modular camera compatible with series 2: The rearview camera is compatible with the Series 2 Dash-Cam models 322GW, 422GW, and 522GW
  • Front and rear recordings: When connected to the 422GW or 522GW models, the resolution for the front mount can be 1080p rear 1080p or front 1440p rear 720p. The 322GW offers 1080p front and 720p rear.
  • Rear window placement: The rear window camera offers all-round protection, as it is attached to the Series 2 dashboard camera via a 6-meter cable, so the rear camera is mounted on the rear window for high-quality shooting. The cable can be hidden under the headliner.
  • Ultra-wide 140 wheel angle: With an extremely wide 140-degree view, you can see the road behind you, including walkways on both sides.
  • Fully adjustable magnetic mounting: The mount is equipped with neodymium magnets, which makes the mount fully adjustable and gives you the flexibility to move the mount to where you want it.

7. MEETOZ 2pcs Car seat gap filler

MEETOZ 2pcs Car seat gap filler - ratewise

If you are like me and constantly drop things through the gaps of your car seat then this can be a great solution for you. Fill the gaps on the side of your car seats using these gap fillers.  

Product Features

  • Fits perfect between seat and console no need to reinstall
  • To prevent your phone and small things under the seat from falling into the gap of the car
  • Mounting: fits all for VW, Audi, BMW cars like Mercedes-Benz, etc. Almost all car models
  • Durable. easy to install and uninstall
  • Package: 2 x Black Seat Gap Filler

8. Hysagtek car glasses holder

Hysagtek car glasses holder - ratewise

Want a sunglass holder for your car? This could just be the perfect solution for you as you will be able to stick your sunglasses in this glasses holder.

Product Features

  • Function: This sunglasses holder can hold a pair of sunglasses and an additional card. Keep your glasses away from falling, scratching, missing, making it safer.
  • Does not affect your view: The clip is securely attached to the sun visor and does not obstruct the driver’s view.
  • Flexible: It can rotate 180 degrees, allowing you to adjust the glasses vertically or horizontally.
  • Compatibility: Suitable for all glasses and sunglasses, especially thicker ones.

9. Littlelife Car Seat Organizer

Littlelife Car Seat Organizer - ratewise

If you have a baby in your car and would like the essential things to be in one place then this car seat organizer can come in handy for you.

Product Features

  • Car upholstery protector: Smart eLf child car seat protector protects the leather and cloth fabric car seats from spills, scuffs, indentations, and scratches. Minimize stains, extend the life of your vehicle, and make it look brand new.
  • Baby and toddler auto seat protector: Fit for all sizes of kids infant car safety seat, booster car seat, convertible car seat, toddler car seat. Compatible ISOFIX LATCH system. It fits well No matter the back seat, rear seat, or front seat of the car.
  • Won’t slide or slip: Super-easy to install and remove. The adjustable safety straps will tie the cover securely to the headrest. So don’t worry about that your child’s car seat will slip from on the car seat pad mat. Our car seat guardian compatible with all vehicles seats.
  • 2 mesh pockets for handy storage: It comes with 2 handy pockets that provide convenient storage for books, snacks, toys and accessories and keeps them within reach. Its odor-free and eco-friendly material is 100% safe for your child and pet.
  • No material melts & dye transfer on seat problem: Smart elf car seat protectors are high-temperature resistance, they will not melt even in hot weather, So you don’t worry it stained your leather or fabric seat! Will not leave any marks or goo residue on any colour seats whatever light-colored, tan, beige, or black.

10. Nullnet Car Safety hammer

Nullnet 1Car Safety hammer - ratewise

We hope you never come to use this tool, but it is wise of us to prepare for the worst-case scenario and that is why we suggest an emergency car hammer which will help you break car windows, or cut your seatbelt with a razor-sharp blade.

Product Features

  • Essential safety tool. One end is a seat belt cutter for cutting the seatbelt, and the other end is the window breaker tool with two hardened sharp and heavy carbon steel points.
  • Come with a set of car safety hammers and 2 mounting brackets. Give it to your children or family as a gift, making them feel peace of mind when driving.
  • High performance and durable. Double-tipped hammers which are made of high-grade carbon steel combined with engineering plastics, This car hammer is very sharp and easy to break out the window for life-saving.
  • Ergonomic design. The anti-skid handle is long enough, about 6. 7in, making it easy to control. Only weighing 0. 3lb, it is so light that you can swing it easily. The reflective strip on both sides of the handle for high visibility
  • Mounting bracket included. Keep the car hammer stationary and ready to use If needed. Easy to keep it in the Glove compartment, door pocket or armrest Box, etc. Note: Mounting screws are not included.

Full list of best car gear and accessories

  1. LANMODO Car night vision
  2. Graffin Powerjolt Car Charger
  3. FOBO Tires Plus
  4. Tile RT-13001 Mate
  5. AA Car Essentials Winter Kit
  6. Nextbase rear window camera
  7. MEETOZ 2pcs Car seat gap filler
  8. Hysagtek car glasses holder
  9. Littlelife Car Seat Organizer
  10. Nullnet Car Safety hammer

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