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Cars are one of the biggest purchases we make these days. They come at hefty prices and then there are a ton of things that need to be paid for and maintained, like regular services, insurance, repairs etc. One of the most common issues are scratches, a great headache for most car owners.

With cars being so expensive to purchase and to maintain, most people take great value and pride in their cars, thus is can be very upsetting to see a new scratch on your car.

This article will take a look at some basic info you need regarding car scratches and how to remove car scratches.

What is a car scratch?

A car scratch is when some hard object has scratched into the paint job on your car.

This can be done accidentally when you are driving and hit something in the road, it often happens when hitting another car in a parking area, or it could even be caused by vandalism when someone intentionally makes marks in the paint.

Some damage can even be done by ourselves when cleaning the car. Small dust particles get stuck in the cloth and make micro-scratches as we wash the car.

Normally a car would have 3 layers of paint, the most outer layer is the clear coat, beneath that is the primer and then the base coat, beneath all 3 layers you have the metal body of the car.

All three of these layers are important because depending on how deep the damage is and how many layers are affected, you might be able to fix it yourself or you might have to get professional help with removing car scratches.

You can judge the depth by running your finger over the scrape. If it feels like the depth of a piece of paper, you are in luck and can fix it yourself, if it’s much deeper than that you might have a more serious challenge to remove car scratches.

Polish it out

Some very small scrapes and scratches can be polished out. The polish you can use is a wax-based solution.

There are many high-quality polishes on the market today. Simply get a good one from a store and proceed according to the instructions on the bottle. Normally you just use a cloth to rub it in in the area where the scratch is.

If the scratch is too deep to polish out, you will have to find another solution to remove car scratches.

Touch-up paint

Damage to the base coat can be fixed with some touch-up paint. There are many different paints available so you will have to search for the correct one that matches your car’s exterior.

This is a quick and affordable solution, but it comes with some drawbacks. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find the correct colour paint, they can always look slightly different. Even when the colour is a perfect match, you can never make it look exactly perfect, there will always remain some traces of the fix.

This is fine for most people, but for those with great attention to detail, it might not be a sufficient solution to remove car scratches.

Using a scratch remover kit

This method is almost similar to using wax polish, but it works slightly deeper to remove car scratches.

The clear liquid that is used rubs through the clear coat and then blends paint from the base coat to fill in the gap left by the scratch. Due to the remover taking away some of the clear coat, it is important to apply wax after.

Here there are some risks of doing permanent damage to the paint job, so make sure to follow the instructions carefully.

There are also other repair kits like a repair pen which can be bought.

Get professional help to remove car scratches

It can be difficult to remove car scratches and sometimes it is just the best option to trust a professional. This is especially the case with deep scratches and serious damage.

It has become common practice for any mechanic or panel beater to be able to fix minor damages. They can give you a quick evaluation and quote and you can decide if you want to proceed.

It is an expensive option so be sure that there is nothing else that can be done.

Hopefully, you could find some tips and advice in this article to help you with removing scratches from your car or even just deciding on how to proceed after doing some damage to your beauty.

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