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Journey with us as we explore the exciting world of self-driving cars. There have been many breakthroughs in recent times as we see the market growth for these cars. Many new investors are flocking to the scene as technology is making the previously impossible possible.

It is expected that we will have fully autonomous self-driving cars by the year 2030. Countless start-ups are working around the clock on this as well as many big companies like Tesla, Volvo and BMW.

You could say there is a bit of a race underway, although Elon Musk and Tesla has been known to be on the tip of this evolution. Tesla has even made all their research and patents publicly available for all other companies to build on. This is a massive move in good faith and it is only through cooperation like this that we will build a better future.

One of the most popular industries that is looking forward to self-driving cars is the transport industry. Both for delivery and transport of goods, as well as for the transportation of people.

Of course, the biggest concern is safety, safety for the people in the car and safety of other cars on the road. This is the main reason why self-driving cars are not on the roads yet, we cannot change over if we are not 100% sure of the safety features for everyone involved.

This article is dedicated to bringing you some of the newest breakthroughs in the field of self-driving cars. Let’s explore some of this now.

AI advancements

The constant development of artificial intelligence is the main aspect that drives the development of self-driving cars. The cars will fully rely on AI technology so we first need to develop the needed technology before we can move forward with the cars.

In essence, a self-driving car is just a normal car, that runs on computer software. So with breakthroughs in AI, we see similar breakthroughs in AI cars.

Many industries have a hand in AI development, but of course, there is a lot of money in the game so most companies are working against each other in the race to have the best AI.

Some of the fields that are pushing the development are the areas of motion detection, data analysis, image recognition and voice recognition. These fields will help self-driving cars with recognition of pedestrian traffic, other cars on the road, traffic signals and other areas of road necessities.

All the cars will work together on a centralized or open-source system where there will be constant communication between all car systems to regulate the flow of traffic.

Real-time route optimization

Say goodbye to traffic. As AI software develops, cars will have increasingly optimized route planning. As all cars will be communicating and getting information about road conditions, cars can re-route to find the most ideal route.

Also, there should be a lot fewer cars on the road as efficiency grows and as cars only travel when people need to go somewhere instead of driving around looking for passengers.

Increased road capacity

As AI develops cars can be programmed smarter and smarter. As cars calculate everything that is happening, they know exactly how far other cars are away and when other cars should be accelerating or slowing down because they know what is coming down the road.

They can use all of this information to drive in a very efficient way, in other words much closer to each other and with much better flow. This will not only greatly increase travel time, traffic and road conditions, but also greatly increase safety.

Efficient energy consumption

One of the big areas we see a lot of breakthroughs is in energy consumption optimization. Companies are constantly looking to make vehicles more optimized so that they use less fuel or less electricity for electrical cars.

A big shift here is due to above-mentioned points, more efficient driving makes a big difference in energy usage. Electrical cars are still very expensive, mostly due to expensive batteries, and if energy consumption continues to be optimized, we will see some price drops in that area as well.


For AI systems to run in this new age of self-driving cars we will need to continue to develop connectivity. Many are saying that 5G systems will make it more possible while others are saying we need to find a different and safer alternative. Either way, a communication network will need to be implemented.

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