How Smart Home Tech Can Lower Your Bills

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Strict social distancing norms and lockdown measures are compelling most to spend more time at home, leading to higher utility bills. The standard home and kitchen appliances, including the washing machine, refrigerator, and microwave see much more use than normal.

No wonder you’ve been receiving energy bills at considerably higher amounts compared to invoices a few months back.

There are many effective ways you can adapt to bring down your overall energy consumption. This includes making some small changes to your lifestyle.

For instance, you can change your food habits or try to use you home appliances and gadgets less.

Nevertheless, you cannot make such changes overnight as you’ll need to be very committed to be successful. Sometimes, it may not be possible to put the changes into effect because of your circumstances.

However, there is a very practical strategy you can try to reduce your steep utility bills without inconveniencing yourself. You can choose home appliances and gadgets that make the most of smart home tech or home automation technology.

Using household devices such as a refrigerator or an air-conditioner integrated with smart home techwill make your home more energy-efficient. 

Home appliances and gadgets featuring built-in communication technology can go a long way in helping diminish your monthly energy bill. But did you know what smart home tech is and the benefits of using the technology?

This article emphasizes intelligent home technologies and the technology’s benefits. We also list a few items that you can use to take advantage of the technology.

What is smart home tech?

Smart home tech is essentially a generic expression or term attributed to common household appliances incorporatedwith communication technology, letting you control them remotely.

To be specific, smart home technology, also referred to as home automation, is a technique of connecting all your household and personal devices through a single network.

Such a network that links up all the devices and gadgets in your home usually happens to be the internet or local area network (LAN).

Smart home technology mainly involves the use of highly specialized devices (embedded inside home appliances) called sensors linked with the IoT (Internet of Things).

You can remotely access and control devices and appliances featuring smart home techas per your needs and convenience.

Technically speaking, SMART is an abbreviation standing for ‘Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology’. IBM conceptualized this technology.

The technology facilitates the accessing and monitoring of all your networked gadgets from your home or outside using a smartphone, smart app, or other connected devices.

Benefits of smart home tech

The most significant benefit of using gadgets and devices integrated with smart home tech is that your home becomes more energy-efficient.

Consequently, your home becomes more eco-friendly as the household appliances now consume less electrical energy compared to traditional home devices.

Eventually, you capitalize on the benefit in the form of reduced energy or power bills.

Smart home technology offers you the convenience of using your home gadgets and appliance only when you need to. For instance, you can keep the lights and heating system switched off as long as you stay out.

Or you can operate the washing machine remotely from the office and switch on the lights only in the room that you use at any particular time.

Smart home tech not only ensures more efficient use of electricity and energy but also makes your home extra secure.  

Another benefit you derive from this technology is that you can keep track of how much power each device is consuming daily.

Therefore you can reduce the usage of those gadgets and appliances that are consuming an abnormal amount of electricity.

Making your home energy-efficient

Smart lights and bulbs

Smart lighting can go a long way in helping you to lower your energy bills as these lights consist of LED bulbs. Bright lights and lamps tend to use much less electricity compared to the conventional incandescent and fluorescent lights.

You can program the brightness, temperature, and color of smart lights as well as choose from different types to match the room’s décor.

You can control the smart lights via an app (Android or iOS) from your smartphone. For example, you can lower their brightness so that they consume less power or switch them on or off as per your convenience.

Smart refrigerator

Smart refrigerators come equipped with smart home tech, enabling you to not only cut down energy consumption but also check wastage of food.

A smart refrigerator comes with a built-in camera that captures images of the contents each time you shut the door. Hence the next time you go shopping for groceries, you can see what’s inside your fridge and buy only those items that you need. 

Smart irrigation system/garden sprinkler

Smart irrigation systems and garden sprinklers are far more advanced than their contemporary counterparts.

An intelligent irrigation system or garden system can assess the type and texture of the soil as well as the plant species growing in your garden.

Accordingly, they can adjust, monitor, and supply the exact amount of water your garden needs.  

Smart thermostat

A smart thermostat is the most efficient of all devices that use smart home tech and contribute a lot towards making your home energy efficient.

You can use the smart thermostat for regulating your air-conditioner or HVAC system to operate it only when you require it.

Smart plugs and outlets

Many devices keep consuming a minimal amount of electricity even after you switch them off. Smart plugs and outlets can help by completely switching off such devices through a timer or physically through a smartphone.

Where do I start with my smart home?

A great place to start with your smart home is a fast, reliable WiFi network to ensure all of your devices stay connected. 

What smart home devices are worth it?

Smart lighting in your home is worth it because it can make your morning and night routines easier and give you a healthier routine.

Smart doorbells are also worth it because they can ensure the safe delivery of your packages.

How do I turn my house into a smart home?

To turn your house into a smart home, install things like smart lighting, a smart doorbell system, smart heating, and air conditioning, and a security system.

Additional accessories you can add are hubs and speakers to allow for voice-controlled commands around your home.

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